January leo career horoscope

Mid to the end of April and from 26 August until 10 September, may coincide with necessary re-planning periods. You have the opportunity to increase for personal money flow this year through the work you do. September and October are the best months, and from this point on working in a partnership will also improve this area. Most of January and February is involved with other people and their impact on your personal life. This is the time of the year to forge new associations, join clubs or become part of a new team.

Those born August will need to be discerning when meeting new people as some confusion or mystery can exist for this group.

Leo October 12222 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career

There is no reason for major changes in your job, but the way you go about it will need to be more professional this year. May could bring some changes, and most probably involve traveling or being outdoors.

12222 Leo Career Horoscope: Major influencing planets

The last 6 months are better than the first. This depends whether your natal chart contains planets in Cancer, and if so, digestive or dietary matters may need to be attended to May and July. Those with planets in Virgo could find mid August to early September, bronchial areas could be weak. You will approach situations with a renewed sense of originality this month.

Sure, everybody loves you, and with good reason. Whatever happens, eventually you will probably come up smelling like a rose as usual, both in love and career situations. Happy New Year! You could either piss somebody off by having a little fit of pique or you could say something that somebody takes the wrong way. These conflicts are likely to be within important relationships. Your only hope is to do some major ass-kissing to smooth things over.

So, keep your lips puckered up and your mouth shut! Nobody should be worried about his or her job in this healthy economy, but it looks like some of you will be crying in your green beer this month. Luckily, only those of you born in the middle of Leo will have anything to worry about. So what if you have to give up all that you hold dear in the pursuit of the almighty dollar? After all, this is America for crying out loud at least it is where I am! Alienating your loved ones and co-workers can be an opportunity to get in touch with your feelings.

Seriously, you need to take a more inward path now. You need to let new ideas force their way into your brain.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

After that, you might greet the world with a fresh new outlook. And Easter Eggs might fly out my butt. You may have a bad case of cotton-head for the first few days of the month. Things pick up after that. By Memorial Day, your life should be running as slick as snot. You should be back to your assertive, dynamic self and ready to have fun! Your career and family could be taking up all of your time and you may feel that those around you are trying to cramp your style. Some people just expect you to devote your entire lives to them. Multiple planets are still moving through the sector for finances and self-worth.

You are looking for part-time projects. Many projects from communication relate domain can come up. You may meet with financial consultants.

Leo Career and Business

At work, you may have to take up additional responsibilities. This can also be a time for appraisals. You may go for upskilling. Your partnership sector is also active. A partnership venture can come into fusion. Discussions for shared resources can come up. Please be flexible with your partners. Otherwise, there can be arguments regarding the partnerships. The new moon will be rising during this week and that will trigger the sector for finances and public speaking.

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Other planets are also moving through this sector and that can make your career sector heavily active. Those who work with own business has to be careful. This is not the time to make new changes in own ventures. You have to wait for some more time and then you can go ahead with your plans.

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  7. If you want to make some changes now, then go ahead with expert advice, still, that would be risky. Finance and accounting professionals will be very busy, and this is also a good time for job seekers in this domain. Public speakers and counselors also will be looking for new opportunities.

    During this week, most of the opportunities can arise from banking and accounting related sector. This is a crucial time for job seekers in this domain. You will have to wait for some more time to get part-time projects, but you should keep on trying.

    You will be getting many opportunities for improving your work. At work, you must be very sacrificial to please your managers. Various projects will be there. Communication with managers can become complicated. So, you need to have a focus on that. During this week, you may behave as an egoist and you should completely avoid that.

    Leo Career Horoscope | Work Astrologer Lucien Holm

    During this week, the full moon will enter the sector for partnerships. The Moon is volatile and that may bring some concerns in your professional relations. However, getting into new partnerships can be a little risky. You will have multiple meetings during this week. New job offers also can come up. Legal and PR sector is also active. Your personal life is also active.

    There will be a lot of one to one discussion this week. You will try to get new projects as well. This is a very important week for your personal life and there will be some minor movements regarding your professional life as well. New deals can come up during this phase. You will have multiple opportunities for creative projects. This is a time for socialization and you will meet many people from the social domain. You will be looking for job opportunities as well. Working behind the scenes can come up a lot. Those who work as designers, directors, and counselors will have many duties.

    However things can be a little sensitive at work as well, so you have to take care of your colleagues. However, with Venus returning early next month and Mars keeping the playful and creative torch burning into the early months of , it is still relatively easy to find a balance between work and play.

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    In the meantime, the faster moving planets are dividing their time between a focus on communication and on home and family matters, as is always the case at this time of year.